It’s the start of the most exciting season of the year. With the cold crisp weather giving you a chirpy wanderlust, this wedding season, can be exhilarating. Not to be a buzzkill but the list of holidays in the itenary can double the existing workload. This makes it exhausting to complete planning, shopping and trips to a relaxing parlour and spa.

After all, the attraction of the weddings is the clothes, glowing face and the perfect hair days. Considering all the hurdles, Kerathearapy’s experts wanted to go beyond the normal salon care for your hair. The idea was designing a complete line of hair care products to maintain the smooth healthy look for months. The speciality of all Keratherapy products is the unique proprietary Kerabond Technology delivery system that penetrates and bonds keratin deep into your hair. Like your body needs protein to remain healthy, your hair needs keratin (a form of protein for hair) to maintain the smooth, glowing and frizz free look.

Why keep the protein treatment for hair limited to salon trips when Kerathearaphy has a complete Keratin infused hair care product. Introducing KERATINFIXX REPAIR COLLECTION including KeratinFIXX repair shampoo, conditioner and KeratinFIXX 20-in-1 leave-in.

KeratinFIXX repair shampoo & conditioner is Sulfate and Paraben free and infused with anti -oxidant rich caviar and argan oil. The formula helps retain the hair colour while making the hair soft, smooth and elastic. Regular use is recommended to always be wedding ready.

KeratinFIXX 20-in-1 leave-in is an easy to carry leave in conditioner with 20 benefits in just one bottle. All the natural ingredients with high keratin will strongly nourish your hair from all the pollution and chemicals used during the wedding seasons.

Why spend in thousands for just one trip to the salon when Kerathearapy gives you an on-demand solution at a much better price? Don’t forget to check it out.

All Kerathearapy products are exclusive to Esskay Beauty Resources.

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