Casmara Stabilizer Ampoules

Casmara Stabilizer Ampoules

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The Casmara Stabilizer Ampoules brings oat milk, alantoin, and licorice to the table, rendering anti-inflammatory, soothing, and emollient effects, respectively. When it comes to detailing the existing feature sets, this product helps combat skin rashes and allergies with immediate effect. Moreover, this product comes across as a completely oil-free formula that is perfectly manufactured for sensitive skin surfaces.

While licorice targets the epithelial skin cells, it also comes forth with the eudermic properties. The existence of alantoin makes room for proliferating effects followed by remedy from the existing skin condition. Most importantly, the anti-aesthetic eruptions are also kept to a minimum.

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CASMARA Cosmetics is a family owned and operated Spanish company founded in 1974. Dedicated to the research, manufacture and distribution of premium quality cosmetic products. The company targets professional segment of the aesthetics market, but also taking care of the consumer. The effort focused in technological research has taken CASMARA Cosmetics to create a range of high quality, unique products that stand out in the professional cosmetics market with many outstanding innovations

Benefits of Using Casmara Stabilizer Ampoules

  • It is a solution designed to relieve skin congestion and redness. To achieve this, we use a tryad of substances that are complementary and are well tolerated by every skin type.
  • Particularly suitable for sensitive, delicate, easily irritated and red skins, with tendency toward couperose.
  • Due to its properties, it is also recommended for reddened or slightly irritated skin and at the end of an anti-seborrheic treatment, thanks to its totally oil-free composition.
  • The first active of the previously mentioned tryad, is a Glycyrrhiza glabra (Licorice) derivative, highly esteemed for its content of glycyrrhizine, an antiphlogistic, emollient and epithelizing agent that helps red and irritated skin to recuperate its natural eudermic condition.
  • Allantoin is known for its epithelizing and cell proliferation effect, inhibiting the appearance of irritated skin conditions, flakiness and other anti-aesthetic eruptions.
  • The last active, oatmilk, has stimulating, vitaminizing and antiphlogistic effects, complementing the previously mentioned components.
  • Vitamin source, refreshing and soothing effect.
  • It contains: LICORICE: Anti-irritant and emollient active, ALANTOIN: Helps soothe skin irritation,
    OAT MILK: anti-inflammatory, vitaminic and stimulating effects.

Apply with penetration massage, these ampoules can also be applied mechanically: ionization, high frequency, ultrasounds, etc.

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