Ideal Waterless Manicure Kit – Hygienic, Safe and Very Effective–Disposable Gloves with Cream-(Set of 2 Units)

Ideal Waterless Manicure Kit – Hygienic, Safe and Very Effective–Disposable Gloves with Cream-(Set of 2 Units)

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Waterless Pedicure or Manicure provides Instant nourishment without compromising on Hygiene and Safety Standards. Moreover, if you would like to have your polish or gel stay on for the longest possible time without cracking or chipping, you should opt for a waterless manicure or a pedicure.

The IDEAL (Made in Brazil) Waterless Manicure kit contains a pair of gloves with a technologically advanced emollient cream. This cream has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic and regenerative properties. The emollient also softens and protects the cuticle, facilitating the its removal in a safe and hygienic way. Each kit also contains a Disposable File and Disposable Cuticle Pusher.

Waterless manicure or pedicure is a service performed without soaking your hands/feet in water.

Waterless Pedicure or Manicure is more efficient because, when you soak your fingers in water, your nail plates absorb water and expand. They do not have enough time to fully dry by the time lacquer or gel is applied. When the nail plates eventually do start to contract back to their regular size, this contraction affects the seal of the nail polish or gel, making then more susceptible to cracking or chipping.

Waterless nail care eliminates soaking hands and feet in tubs or Jacuzzis which are notoriously difficult to clean and have been linked to infections.

Each Pedicure Single-Use kit contains: • One pair of disposable gloves with 26g of professional emollient cream • Sustainably sourced wood cuticle pusher • A high-quality nail file

Main Ingredients -

• Vitamin E – Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, helps to protect the skin against the damaging action of free radicals, preventing signs of premature aging and improving the skin's softness and elasticity.

• Keratin - Keratin is a fibrous and structural protein found in humans in the outer layer of the skin, hair and nail. In nails, it is responsible for ensuring its resistance, hardening and shine. Thus, the extra keratin present in the gloves and boots cream, helps in the strengthening of fragile and brittle nails, helping in their regeneration.

• Shea Butter - A powerful nut native from West Africa, with a high concentration of vitamins and fatty acids, has been used as a cosmetic ingredient for centuries. It was carefully selected in despite of other nuts due to its low content of proteins, that may trigger allergies, dry-out the skin and clog pores. Safe and pleasant for all skin kinds.

• Urea - Urea has great water-holding capacity, which makes it an excellent moisturizing agent.

• Silicone - Silicone forms a film, protects nails and cuticles from external agents and helps to smooth cuticles. Powerful skin emollient and conditioner.

• Open the package and remove the gloves and tools. • Sand nails. • Put on the gloves for wait for 1 minute. • Perform a gentle massage to enhance the product benefits • Use the stick to gently push back the skin along the bottom of the nail • Removes the gloves

• The Hands or Feet will be Extremely nourishes, Soft and Hydrated

Bullet Points –

• Single Use, Safe and Hygienic Kit- The products are packed for being used individually on each use. It involves single time usage & disposal of kit. • Reduces Pedicure or Manicure Time by 20 mins

• Completely eliminated the use of Water

• No Mess, Quick and Easy Application

• Increases the lasting of Nail Polish • Strengthening of Nails. The vast majority of varnishes harm the health of the nail. Our Emollient contains nutrients that help the strengthening and nourishment of the nail.

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